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Ted Evans is a freelance director, editor and filmmaker based in London.


Hello everyone

It has been a very long time since I have updated any news on my website… I apologise. It is simply down to the fact I have been so busy and have been doing so much I’ve not had the time to update things on here. 

I am in the process of updating my kit (grip) and have more lights added to my collection. Check out my kit section if you are interested in hiring my equipment or need some filming done. 

There is lot going on behind the scenes and I hope to make an announcement shortly on my next adventure but until then, I can’t say very much (watch this space though!)… 

Festival News: Retreat and The End continue to pick up awards!

Retreat picked up Best International Short Film, Best Director and actress Sophie Stone picks up Best Actor at the Australian Deaf Short Film Festival earlier this year.   

The End picked up it’s 7th award bagging the International TV award of Sign Language productions 2014 in Sweden in May. 

I’m very proud for The End to pick up this international award and dedicate it to the cast who managed to captivate and entertain audiences all over the world despite performing entirely in English (spoken English and British Sign Language). Congratulations cast! 

The jury had this to say about the film: 

"The End is a low budget yet high quality film with a strong and important message to the world. Telling the story of four deaf childrens different ways in life, it is a dystopia making us think twice about where this world is going. With a strong Deafhood perspective Ted Evans has captured the medical and political threats to the Deaf community at the same time reminding us once again why we should continue to struggle for the survival of our beautiful and expressive sign language and deaf culture. What would the world be without the beauty of diversity?"

News: Retreat wins awards & the search for a writer!


It’s been a while since I’ve posted an update on here, I’ve been under the weather during these cold couple of months but I have news! 

GOOD NEWS: Retreat scooped a couple of awards in Rome this month. We picked up Best Director/Winner of the fiction Contest and our lead Sophie Stone bagged Best Actor for her role in our film. I’m delighted with both awards (It takes our tally to 3 for Retreat!) & I’m really pleased people are enjoying the film overseas. Check out the Limping Chicken to read about it. 

OTHER NEWS: I’m on the search for a writer to work with me on an exciting film I am developing. At the moment I am drafting the treatment and will be pitching it early 2014 in the hope of securing funding. I am looking for someone who has (mainstream) experience in writing feature length dramas to collaborate with me at this early stage and then as we go on to script the film. No knowledge or understanding of deaf culture needed (I do that bit) & if commissioned this will be a paid job. I’m not going to reveal anything about the story on here but it is pretty exciting and ambitious as hell. The story does feature the deaf community but as usual with my work, it’s a ‘crossover’ film and will draw interest from the general public. Whilst, as always, there’s no guarantee it will get commissioned in the immediate future… I’m very confident this project will see the light of day. So if you know a writer who may be interested in doing something a little alternative, exciting and challenging - please let me know or put them in touch with me. 

All the best


Hey Ted, a Deafie here from up North. Saw you on See Hear today. I wanted to check out your film 'Retreat' but I can't find anything online. Is it uploaded somewhere? On sale? Thanks

Hi there, 

Many thanks for getting in touch. Retreat is currently on a festival tour. Once it has reached the end of its run I will upload the film online sometime but it may be in a year or two…

It’s screening in Sweden and Italy but there are no plans for it to be screened in the UK. I’m sure Deaffest will show it again next year!



November - A memorable month for The End!

Good news! 

The End is screening at two very respectable festivals next month. 

1st up is the EOP festival in Belgium where we are competing against some cracking films made by the best disabled filmmakers around the world. It’s an honour to be part of this large festival and I really hope the film goes down well.

Secondly, we are part of the Crystal Palace International Film Festival. This is particularly triumphant for us as it is our first solo introduction into a mainstream festival. This year The End screened at the East London Film Festival as part of a Zoom Screening - a collection of films made by deaf filmmakers for the BSLBT -  and whilst that was a fantastic experience and a great achievement in itself; here at the CPIFF we are alone amongst some very good independent films. There is no connection to disability here and that really pleases me. We all want people to watch our films and I made The End for everyone, not just deaf/disabled people.

I really hope the film does well at both festivals, it’s such an honour to be part of them both. I’ll be making an appearance at the CPIFF where I’ll be having a short Q&A about the film. Come and say hello if you are there. 

Have a great month everyone! 

BBC gig almost over…

Hello everyone. 

I’ve been away these past couple of months working for BBC See Hear. Unfortunately I’m coming to the end of this run and will be back to freelancing in London by the beginning of October. It’s been a blast. Photo thanks to crew member Lynn.

Apologies for the delay in emails and responding to inquiries - I’ve been a busy chap.

Also make sure you provide your correct email when you contact me using my website. I’ve no way of getting back to you if I don’t have a working email address to reply to.